“A business that makes only money, is a poor one.”

Al-Awael Group Business
Al-Awael Group was established in 1998, through the main company Al-Awael for Computers by
Eng. Moumen Alkhateeb, Founder and Chairman of the Group. Through these years, business had
developed more and more.
Al-Awael Group works in these main field:
- Computers and Accessories.
- Security and Safety Appliances.
- Point Of Sales Appliances.
Al-Awael Group headquarter office is located in Damascus, Al-Halbouni area, composed of three
floors with a 350 m² area space.
Moreover, Al-Awael Group deals with more than 50 main distribut
more than 300 retail shops.
work domain they get involved in.
Al-Awael Group Ideology
Al-Awael Group Vision
For more than ten years, Al-Awael Group has
pioneered technology products distribution to
empower the world dream of technology.
The hard work that has been done, is a proof
of being a world-class group.
The well-trained team completes the mission,
which was started earlier to serve our country
Syria and raising its name.
The thing that serves us most is our good reputation
among our traders, customers and even
with competitors, that comes from our
relations with others.
Al-Awael Group profile 2014

Our inspiration to do our work comes from the interest
of serving clients and our country first. Then, we look for good sales.
Therefore, Al-Awael Group tries to ensure better after-sales services
and a powerful technical support for products.
The professional team in Al-Awael Group keeps clients very satisfied
with the results to ensure the best service.